Kaskazi Duo AR


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The Duo AR (Adventure Racing) is a sit on top version of the Duo. It was initially designed for adventure racing and other multi-discipline events where competitors need to change quickly from one discipline to another. The benefit of the sit on top configuration is the ability to paddle safely without a spray deck.

Another advantage of the AR is that when righted after capsizing, the cockpits are dry. The performance of the AR is much the same as the classic, since it is exactly the same hull.

Note that the AR configuration does mean that you are exposed to the elements, and you are unable brace the kayak with your knees under the deck in rough conditions.


Suitable for all paddlers from novices through to experts. Even beginners would feel secure in Duo AR in moderately rough conditions. At the other end of the scale, experts would be able to handle the most extreme sea-kayaking conditions.

Optional Spray Decks

The AR can be fitted with optional decks, either fixed or removable, so that it can be used with spray decks to provide protection from the elements. The coaming is larger that the standard kayak and therefore requires a special spraydeck and also does not allow you to brace the kayak – it is still a sit on top! The Duo AR is fitted with self-bailers which can be plugged to keep water out when paddling with a deck.


  • Comfortable cockpits and seats
  • Tracks well without the rudder
  • Exceptional stability
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Large hatches
  • Two bulkheads
  • Rudder with up-haul / down-haul
  • Pedal steering with self-adjusting lines


Length 5 850mm
Width 680mm
Weight 32kg
Load Capacity 240kg


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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 425 × 63 cm
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